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If the rumors are true about box recalls, WildStar might be going free-to-play. Having predicated WildStar would be free to play months ago, this change should

Upcoming solidarity-based MMORPG “World of earth ‘looks promising

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The guards began to raise the door, and before it had even opened fully, a bear the size of Invincible surged forward. Its hackles had risen and it barreled straight for Thrall as if it had been launched from a cannon, its snarl audible even over the roar of the crowd.

This is crazy is that the performance gap we have begun to see on mobile devices and mobile technology closes more every iteration. As early as when I played Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot and other ancient (by today’s standards), MMORPG day, I never thought I’d play something that looks even remotely similar in my phone. Enter Midgard, MMORPG based on the unified engine looks surprisingly similar to the classic MMORPG for the same three-dimensional world.
It is too early to pass any judgment on this game, but some YouTube videos have been uploaded awfully promising, but developers seem very excited about the project. For example, take a look at this video game are fully described in a dungeon:

Details are vague right now, but user forums Elevas30 compiled from developers in our forum YouTube comments in response to different array. They hope to launch the game in about four months, it will initially be packed to four categories: Warrior, Priest, Rogue, and Mage. In other details, they have mentioned that all classes can be cured and resurrection members. The game was also nominated for free.
I do not exactly know how excited to get about the earthly world, especially considering that almost certainly will be able to resurrect from every class and cured to produce insane balance problems. Either way, I like iOS and mobile devices have gone so far. If a small team of independent developers rarely heard magnificent building plan is this, imagine it will be possible in the future.

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“Pocket Legends” developed and introduced a new MMO

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Pocket Legends [free] success, and World of Warcraft let me down. Try as I might, I’ve never been able to play on Blizzard Entertainment’s online gaming toilet. Now, pockets of legend, but on the other hand … man, we have some serious production time together on the toilet.

In the second quarter of 2011, I have shed Pocket Legends in space and time from the master studio created another online game. This is called Black Star, and like its predecessor, it will have three distinct classes to choose within a 3D interactive world, tons of loot, and even a few chat features such as in-game chat and friends list.
Unfortunately, time and space can not divulge much about the Black Stars than the other fundamental moments, but we do know some cool details: its plot, its past, on its platform.
As for the plot, the game will focus on a “collision” is set in the 41 century four groups: the mysterious, into contempt and cybernetics divided, Terran, and their counterparts robot, called modes. The game will be, probably, is split into chapters, but I imagine that things will be in every place.
Interestingly, the battle will take place in the framework is based on an unreleased PC game will be behind by the same name. Time and space studio talked about its use of technology and art title, trying to appease folks, the game will not be the fact that a content of light. We must see that, though.

But, before I close this, I will note this cool factoid: Black Star is slated to be a cross-platform game, see the release of Android and iOS in the second quarter. Although we contacted the network, know this: the game will support EDGE, 3G, wireless networks, and even 4G connectivity. Radical.
It sounds like science fiction twist legend and pocket, right? This is not a bad thing, either. We believe that the initial network game a big fan, and I imagine a few community members are still messing around the world.
It will be interesting to see if some of the game’s issues will be resolved in this one, but they are actually related. In addition, it will be equally interesting, if IAP will also be widely used. Come Q2!

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Skyforge development log details Update

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“Without her wings to keep her aloft, Lithic did not survive. The fall shattered her bones. Terokk, however, did survive,” Viryx continued. “Upon touching the cursed waters of the hollow, he contracted the… the Curse of Sethe. The waters—that is the source of the affliction.”

We do not have to Skyforge first major update after beta launch date yet, but we know quite a lot of play MMORPG’s today released an update thanks dairy development will be included in the free details My.com team.

An updated list of the first appearance of the version 0.65 of the distortion. Pantheon (guild) will be able to mark Earth allow 100,000 Pantheon tactical team members respond compatriots like the content raid boss rewards in the form of 4 epic weapons, promote character to realize their sacred places form.

Next, the invasion pave the way for the enemy to prepare for all the players new content, trying to take over some parts of the world. Successfully repulsed the invaders net reward players progress through the maximum number of their God Atlas not to your weekly.

This is an interesting way to play worry weekly limit. Although they will not be completely removed, add content, are not included in these caps may help relieve some players worried there.
RAID content, unusual and sacred forms of development are also increasing, while Aelinet communication system will also get some much-needed love to chat and Pantheon address the issue.

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SIEGE PVP system repopulation new playable AT PAX PRIME

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Before Viryx could take wing again, a hand clawed at her arm. She whirled, knocking her attacker away while at the same time summoning a ball of Rukhmar’s fire in her palm.

When moving closer to the actual behavior, beyond self-technology is a big step forward in their PVP systems, they take repopulation to PAX Prime this year. You probably already know the sandbox game more than the theme park for the players freedom to be creative, explore, basically playing a game (in advance) the ability of different ways.

PvP siege already mentioned the idea of ​​a style thing. As players build their own city in the game, it makes sense to take over the PVP is that some aspects of these cities. Repopulation is going to let you do, and the siege PvP, let your system at this year’s PAX Prime demo, you first attack.

Only when they had returned to Skyreach and reached the safety of Viryx’s roost did they dare open the scroll. In the light of a solar orb, they read over the old parchment. It was a compilation of many ancient documents. The largest portion dealt with Terokk and his daughter, Lithic.
Let siege PVP players unified country, trying to take over rival or competitive cities. Try resource costs, which is huge, so do not expect a map is completely under siege all the time. This will include combat weapons, armor three days, fighting, stealth, you want to use it to try and take another city basically everything. The success of the city and its resources, has become a part of your country, and failed, you’re just a waste of resources, one ton.

The same is related to the restoration of the so-called broken three camps disputed areas highly controlled fortress game new PvP. Successfully seize control of the fort will get exclusive access to vendors, tasks, resources, and is located in the walls, so that the faction faction members clone victory infrastructure rebirth.

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WildStar’s Next Stop: F2P

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If the rumors are true about box recalls, WildStar might be going free-to-play. Having predicated WildStar would be free to play months ago, this change should come as a shock to no one, myself least of all.

Unfortunately, ignorance leads down the path to the dark side F2P. It’s not a subscription keeping players away from WildStar — it’s the one-dimensional content and gameplay. The developers had a myopic vision of what they thought people wanted, and ignored the blatantly obvious signs all around them that such a plan would fail. Playing WildStar simply isn’t fun, and no price can change that.

The relatively small group of players still enjoying WildStar are doing so on a subscription (or CREDD?). Reading the official forums and outlets where real players actually speak out, they don’t want the game to go F2P either. They’ll end up having to pay more for less if it does.

What NCSoft should do is push the game into a B2P model. Going F2P is just as foolish as developing a “hardcore” themepark game. If they go B2P with an optional subscription for added perks (maybe like a DLC season pass, still capable of being funded with CREDD) and actually put PvP and PvE where they should be at, then WildStar can most likely still chug along. All of that is a pipe dream though. Realistically, the community and interest have shrunk so badly that NCSoft is likely to align the China release with a F2P announcement in the West for their quarterly report. They’ll do the F2P conversion, ride it for a year or two at most, then close it down.


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EQ Ragefire Launches May 20

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Ragefire, the new EQ progression server, is launching May 20th! That turnaround is incredible, and pretty much what I expected when Daybreak started hinting at a new progression server. Ragefire has only been in “beta testing” for a couple of days, but things seem to be smooth enough for Daybreak to flip the switch in just over a week.

I decided to play in the beta to test out what was different from true classic, figure out what class I was sure to play, and honestly get my feet wet with a version of EverQuest I haven’t played. My time in EverQuest was 1999-2003’ish, then on and off again for a little bit. I never got to see much of the major changes to the game, as my era was classic and dabbling a little bit beyond. Spending so much time in Project 1999, coming to this new version of EverQuest was quite a bit of a change.

The class I’ve decided on is a Wood Elf Bard. Something about the Bard class has always appealed to me. I think it’s the unmatched support role this class can play by providing all sorts of stat and combat increases, lull, mez, run speed, mana regen, etc. Bard is the class to play if you want to be useful, and feel like your group members can’t live without you.

Thus far in the beta I have reached level 8. I quickly realized that this version of EverQuest is a little bit easier than P99. Mobs do not seem to hit as hard — something in the math must be different. Experience is definitely faster too. I killed a bunch of blue to yellow con mobs around Kelethin until level 4 then went into Crushbone until around level 5. Turning in a bunch of bone chips and Crushbone belts to the NPCs in Kaladim brought me up to level 7 where I just started camping mobs with a friend until level 8. It all went very smooth.

Many quality of life improvements exist in this version of EQ. Things like auto loot (advanced loot) have taken a little getting used to, but I think I’m starting to like how this loot management will help make looting go smoother for me and a group. Death still means losing experience and having to get your body for a res, but at least you won’t lose your gear. Stuff like that makes playing a little less stressful, but still close enough to the original EQ experience to enjoy.

Playing on Ragefire will require All Access Membership – $14.99/m with the typical discounts for buying more time upfront. Kronos are EQ’s version of the in-game item that grants game-time. Basically they can be bought for $18 and traded in-game for anything. I think they are a bit stupid. Kronos stimulate hardcore farming for people to pay for their multiboxing. Farming was already the name of the game in EQ, and further enticing people to lockdown camps should make things interesting.

I’m going into this with a realistic view. I will never be a raider in EverQuest. You probably won’t be either. The raids will be locked down by the hardcore elites who never stopped playing. (In case you didn’t know, raids aren’t instanced. If a boss spawns, only one group gets it.) The camps for the super rare items will also be locked down. End-game will not be a fantastic experience for the 99%, so I’m going into this not expecting to participate. If it happens, that’s just super; if not then I will enjoy having leveled up and participated once again in a huge rush of nostalgia. You see, EverQuest has always been about the journey for me. I’m going to take it slow, group with friends, and adventure in Norrath.

I’ll keep you all updated with regular adventure logs, screenshots, and feedback on my EQ Ragefire experience. If you want to join in on the fun with a few of us, visit our EverQuest forum. We’re always happy to meet friendly new people.


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If you ever thought that RuneScape was a piddly title beneath your notice, then here’s a wake-up call for you today. The game’s upcoming October 3rd convention in London, RuneFest, has completely sold out since ticket sales began in mid-July. “The demand for tickets to RuneFest 2015 has been astounding, and we’ve sold out in record time — bonds and money sales alike,” Jagex posted.

Fortunately, there will be a way to attend digitally, as the convention will be livestreamed on Twitch. RuneFest will feature reveals and panels for the hybrid free-to-play MMO.

Meanwhile, a passionate team of players have been working on the RuneScape History Project to catalogue the entire backstory of the game’s development and events. As a result, the team released a 324-page online book this past week detailing the past decade-and-half of RuneScape’s history. If only all MMOs had such devoted fans.


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