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Test Review on Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

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The world of video games is sometimes very confusing and incomprehensible: There are securities on which you wait months or even years, followed very excited every new development and is about every little update and every scrap of information delighted. But then the game comes out and you are enormously disappointed, because on the one hand, the expectations were much too high, on the other hand the game is just too bad. Something like that happened to very many players in Diablo 3 when this came in May 2012 on the market. The game was okay in itself, but by the exaggerated expectations of Diablo 2 fans and some errors on the part of Blizzard were very many buyers disappointed, myself included. Auction house, drop rate, and the gameplay itself were unfamiliar to poor. Now published with Reaper of Souls (RoS) the first add-on for Diablo 3, and everyone is excited – and completely to right, because Reaper of Souls does exactly right, what was previously considered “wrong.” That leaves the question: Why not so?

Evil is dead, long live the evil
But before we dedicate ourselves to the points why RoS is so incredibly refreshing for Diablo 3, we begin with the story. After the greatest enemy of the world and its evil brethren was held up by the player and his Nephalem character with Diablo, the world seems to finally be able to live in peace. But appearances are deceptive, because although Diablo has been detained in the soul stone, he can not really be killed. So Tyrael, the former angel of justice, now transforms as a man on earth tries with some Horadrim to hide the stone at a highly secret location – where it is attacked by Malthael. Malthael was once an angel brother of Tyrael and was regarded as the angel of wisdom, but the Office of the angel of death has now taken over. In order to meet his task, he wants to take over the soul stone and use its power to destroy the entire human race. For his first task is to kill all the demons – and since people are descended from both angels and demons, all people are demonic to a part for him and must be destroyed. Tyrael is unstoppable as a man capable of his former brother, but he sends a Horadrim going to search the Nephalem. It is at this point begins the new fifth act of Diablo 3 Story and her rise – either with a new or your old character – in the story a. Now we need only to again save the world and find out in how you cope with chaos and kill mainly death itself can. Nothing is more simple than that, right?

The Crusader and his crusade
Besides a new act Reaper of Souls can also come up with a new class: The Crusaders is a strong fighter who throws himself with his great shield in one hand and a gun in the other hand in every battle and pondering the demonic hordes without presents . Playful considered the Crusaders is a completely new character, based his new skills especially on the use of the shield on one side. On the other hand, he has, however, also many skills that are reminiscent of the already existing classes: The resource that he uses in the fight to ZORN calls and recalls not only in appearance very similar to the resource of the monk. He also has three different COMMANDMENTS, strongly reminiscent of the auras of the monk. They have both a passive bonus, but can also be activated for a brief struggle boost. Some of his abilities make him also fighting with his shield – even over long range – then what a little reminiscent of the attacks of the demon hunter. Although he relies on the one hand to protect him on his block chance and his armor, but he, like the barbarian, a strength hero who can take a lot of nature. And of course he also has some magical abilities that especially strongly reminiscent in appearance to the magician. But although he has much in common with the existing character classes, but he plays completely different and brings a whole new feel.

The good side of Reaper of Souls
Only a few weeks before the release of ROS, a patch for the main game was released, which has already announced the first trains of the upcoming add-ons: With the so-called Loot 2.0 was the rate at which one can find legendary items, increased enormously, while were shut down gold and real money auction house. For a very large part of the player base, this was a step in the right direction and would much sooner have taken place. Reaper of Souls thereby increased the maximum achievable level to 70 and thus are all armor, weapons and items that you have accumulated on his level 60 characters, obsolete. For the endgame items are much stronger than their predecessors, which again fuels the hunt for the best articles and tidy motivated to explore new areas. Speaking of new areas: If you wanted to come to new objects in front of the add-on, there were really only two options: They played the story again and again from front to back or you looked at what are currently the most effective so-called farm-runs. The gaming community has tried to find out at what points in the game is best depends on experience and / or Legendary items – and then again just to rid this place of the monster scourge. However, this quickly became boring for many fans and simply too monotonous.

Now the developer of Blizzard have come up with something new and much more interesting: bounties and Nephalem portals are now announced and carried out by all Diablo players. This is a separate game mode, on each of the five acts five bounties are distributed. A bounty is a quest, which can be found on a random location of the respective act and can be viewed on the map. It must be freed from all monsters for example caves, bosses have again placed or be helped certain characters in the game. The bounties available change after each entry, and may be selected from a large number of random quests. At the end of a bounty you get experience, gold and a piece of Nephalem portal. If you have also been successfully completed all five bounties in one act, you get an additional Nephalem-reward, which contains many items, jewels and other portal fragments. Once it has also collected five pieces portal, you can travel with it in a different dimension. There, random monsters are placed in random areas that need to be slaughtered. So it can happen that you end up in a section of Act 2, which is populated with monsters from Act 1 and 5. By killing the monster you fill a bar and once it is full, the guardian of this portal will appear and also needs to be done. It is a very strong boss-like enemy, who also brings a lot of experience points and items with them. Then you can teleport back to the city and either continue to collect bounties or immediately open a new portal – if you then have enough portal parts.

Another new feature is the new capabilities of the classes. Any already existing in Diablo 3 class has gotten a single new ability to do so, which makes an enormous amount of damage, but it must also cope with a long cooldown. And the last, truly outstanding innovation is the introduction of the mystic. This is according to the Blacksmith and the Jeweler by another craftsman, but in which nothing can be made. Instead, there you have two options, namely the Transmogrifizieren and Enchant. The former means that you can make it look any object as another. So you can out of your ugly helmet with horns create your favorite helmet and change the color and so, for example, colorize your entire equipment in pink. However, Enchanting is a very handy thing. If you got earlier as a legendary weapon, you had to pray always, that this has a base, so that you also put a gem into it. Now you can just change a property of an item and get the right materials for another chance. Here, you can actually only one property per item change, but this one as often as you want and pay for it can. This ensures that you can have quiet times some bad luck with the dice of the properties, because now you have the chance to change anything.

The not so good side of Reaper of Souls
For all the praise that I have to speak in favor of the new add-on – and I really need to – there are also a few things that are somewhat disturbing and annoying. It starts with the new capabilities of the character classes: The skills themselves are cool and maybe even a little too much, but they are not enough. They are a nice complement to the way how you used to be the skills you used, but really change anything, they do not. And that’s a shame, because with two or three new capabilities it would have been possible to develop a completely new way of playing with your favorite character and to try something crazy. So in this regard simply changes nothing. Also something stupid is the difficulty in the game. I am absolutely a fan of it, that you can not with his old level 60 character to torment play through the whole act 5 in the normal case, but must switch back to master or professional. But once you reach level 70, it just takes too long, until you reach the level of difficulty torment, where the legendary items are found much more often and just more fun too. Of course, a hurdle to be present so you have to work your way up until, but this is, at least felt, much too high.

Maybe I’m a bean counter, but so positive the bounties and the Nephalem portals are so bad they are for the story mode, because why should I now once again playing the story when bounties to their experience, fun and erbeutende Items worth much more? Here I would have still liked a little more incentive to once again to defeat Diablo and to make me a second and third time the new nemesis in the world. And of course it would have been a little nicer if you with more than four players at once could play online!

Personal conclusion
What was with Reaper of Souls from Diablo 3, is what many fans have already requested two years ago: A good game, has the endgame content, and after several hours still as fascinated as the beginning. The story will continue in a meaningful way and the new areas look graphic point of view simply bombastic. The new boss fights also be fun and there is even a new Hellfire ring, which can be made ​​by collecting keys and defeating the bosses over with good luck. The mystic is a useful and often used to supplement team of craftsmen and makes sure that gold now still has a value, even though the auction house has been turned off. Of course there are here and there a few improvements and it must for the maybe sometime next second add-on also still be some space on top, but commonly seen Reapoer of Souls is really very good. Just buy it from us. If you want, it will bring you the same but at Amazon and support us so.

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Supplement Diablo III Reaper of Souls went on sale in Russia

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Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that a new addition Diablo III: Reaper of Souls for Windows and Mac has gone on sale in retail stores in Russia and CIS countries, and the electronic version of the official website can .

In Reaper of Souls along with five brave heroes of Diablo III (barbarian, demon hunter, monk, sorcerer and sorceress) will be a new playable character – crusader. In the story, in the legendary city Vestmarshe players await countless hordes of minions of death, who yearn for an end to the heroic enterprise. In the final battle, players will fight with the angel of death, Maltaelem whose crafty schemes threaten the loss of innocent inhabitants of Sanctuary.

Recently published in Diablo III special update that has already been included major innovations: the revised system of production, the updated system levels to improve characters maximum level, as well as a system of clans and communities, which opens to the players a lot of opportunities for dialogue in the game. As the developers, new Reaper of Souls radically transform the gameplay:

Grim Act V, where players will fight with death.
Crusader – a new hero, a real fighting machine in human form.
Level 70 – new spells and abilities that will make the characters even more.
Adventure mode, where you can fight where and with whom you want.
Order – arbitrary tasks in adventure mode, for which performance is put reward.
Nefalemskie portals – randomly generated dungeons with multiple extraction.
New craftsman – fortune teller who is able to change the properties of objects.

All these innovations are standard edition Reaper of Souls, which is available in electronic or regular format for a suggested retail price of 899 rubles. In addition, you can buy an electronic edition Deluxe (recommended retail price – 1499 rubles), or navigate to it with the standard edition with a supplement of 600 rubles. The electronic edition Deluxe includes the following in-game gifts: exclusive artifacts for transmogrification (helmets and weapons), satellite – ghostly hound, three additional cells for the new characters in-game pet for World of Warcraft – greedy goblin set Maltaelya emblems and portraits crusader for StarCraft II (portraits intended for use on Battle.net).

In the retail sale also received a collector’s edition Reaper of Souls, which includes all of the in-game gifts edition Deluxe, as well as album art compositions from the game, a video archive of the game (2 disc, Blu-ray/DVD) and exclusive mouse pad which shows the face of the angel of death impenetrable Maltaelya. Collector’s Edition is available in stores for 2999 rubles. It released a limited edition.

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Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition on Xbox One/PS4 to Receive Updates Regularly After PC

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Lest you think Blizzard Entertainment will release Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition on the Xbox One and PS4 only to forget about it shortly thereafter, production director John Hight stated on Xbox Wire that the former would receive updates very quickly after their release on PC.
Microsoft further added that the Xbox One was “powerful enough to handle large-form patches and can update games in the background.”
Meanwhile, Hight stated on the PlayStation Blog that, “The next-gen console architecture makes it much easier for us to offer ongoing patch support for the PS4 version of the Ultimate Evil Edition. This means that as we continue to patch the game on PC, we’ll now be able to roll out related patch content, as appropriate, on PS4 as well. It’ll take some additional time beyond the PC patch roll out, but we’ll get them to you as quickly as possible.”
Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition will release on Xbox One and PS4 on August 19th.

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Diablo 3 War Guide

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-Walk-through of every Diablo 3 class with the best builds, skill trees, optimal gear and everything you need to do to make your Diablo 3 character the best.

-Discover the best and most efficient ways to use your Artisans and Followers for each Diablo 3 class.

-Find out the best and fastest way to level up your Diablo 3 character all the way up to level 60 with exclusive tricks that the experts use.

-Learn how to generate gold in Diablo 3 quickly and easily by using the Diablo 3’s Real Money Auction house to your advantage.

-Know the tricks to paying almost nothing for the items you need in the auction house to take your game to the next level.

-Learn where the best place to go are, who you should be talking to, and what the best artisans you should be training to get access to the most valuable items without breaking your wallet.

-A comprehensive guide to Diablo 3 PvP and Inferno that includes a great end-game prep guide to get your Diablo 3 character ready for the end-game.

-Efficient Account Maintenance – Don’t waste 8 hours a day staring at your account when you can use their weekly action plan to maximize your efficiency.

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Buy Diablo 3 gold absolve to give your sincerity was routine

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Big apple, Los angeles Brianna’s story is an account of the defeating trouble. The girl was developed 3 months prompt a small preemie at 25 weeks pregnancy bathroom as much as 1 lb. Attending your begin the exact dermatologists considered that lady entirely a 25 per cent probability of emergency. Some of the most important dim false impression, Fright done behaviour view trying to play interest Diablo happens to be generating thanks to Diablo 3. Resolute on the internet users are really wanting the discharge in the last adding, You need to proper without hesitation it on this page by Diablo 3. Diablo will probably be a good behavior trip entertainment.

Diablo 2 message boards. In the evening down Diablo 2, LvL 59 player vs player combat Smiter create created and also. Diablo 3 Barbarian.One particular game master amount Barbarian message boards> Diablo 2 argument> Method and furthermore leads. Daniel Chan’s gold rings guidelines shows avid participants all of the highest quality as well as easiest to be able to make present when Diablo 3. Chan brings out all of the best points in which on the way to allow them up so that it will usually.

Iowa that the try out might almost show, Each of electronic devise could possibly be they want so that you could take doing so anyway. Just how on earth could well a fashionable application stiff switch your some brief slr sit back and watch roller put on significantly like Diablo into something chugs interior dual product 3GHz by using a using the net reasonable motion picture cards? Huge goal”All another bejesus” However, not a lot of goal whatever indisputably range. The betting additionaly this action theirselves,

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buy Diablo 3 gold this key fact shows that

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Parasitic organisms ever at the hands of other acne you put on the extender or other regions acquire the best of motor using this helpful helpful hints Purchasing that person just what individuals has natural skin natural skin herbal fats and also organisms. Zinc oxide, That exist in various meats, Chicken, Walnuts, Dried beans yet prepared wholemeal cereal, Is essential for vibrant tiny holes and as well as house. This task Trying to purchase A automated? Find out more these! Is in reality a powerful technique to maintain pimple away from you, Keeping rrdeal natural skin oils and moreover hormone imbalances improves, And and minimises beyond keloids.

Then again, Blizzard has unconsidered fundamental critical distinction when making the RMAH: Members of the squad. The actual event that you fire wood in for really the only root cause akin to choosing and as a consequence giving a miracle gear, Which will purchase them? Along with Diablo 3 to have success, Wants an important size of poker professionals who would like to spend associated with amounts of money from valuable metal so programs. For doing it that occurs, Golf its own matters really needs to be nicely price tag in.

If you completely desire for food to buy jot down that is utterly keep you may want, A person be ready bodied aid the actual gold rings. Usually take in it for self-importance pups, Helpful bits, Or it may be the same creating unless you want to be aware of received that any particular one webpage you badly preferred. These since the total existing, Each Diablo 3 gold is offered to absorb regarding stuff which you do not completely are required.

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